Gourmet Fruit Pops

Made In Florida. Real Fresh. Real Fruit. Real Fun.

Gourmet Wine Pops

Enjoy Your Wine One Bite At A Time.

Retail & Wholesale

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Pop Fusion's gourmet Fruit Pops are created using locally sourced, honest-to-goodness real fruit, flash frozen to bring you a farm to stick experience. A little slice of Florida fun, a "fresh fix on a stick." Our Ice and Wine Pops are hand-crafted in our state-of-the-art, allergen free, facility located in Inverness, FL.

We believe that Pops should not be diluted with artificial sweeteners and flavoring. Our pops are 100% real fruit, our pop flavors are seasonal, based on whether or not the fruit is in season. All of our ingredients are bought fresh and locally.

We are excited to bring you our Gourmet Fruit Pops! Contact us today!

Fruit Pops.Real Fresh. Real Fruit. Real Fun.

Handcrafted by real people here in Florida where the fruit is hand cut, blended, poured and then flash frozen.

Wine Pops.Enjoy Your Wine One Bite At A Time.

Pop Fusion's gourmet wine ice pops are created using locally sourced, fruit and Florida's own Island Grove Wine Company's wines.

Delivery & Freezers.Our Pops In Your Location.

We look forward to placing the Pop Fusions brand in your retail or restaurant location.